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Hi, I'm Allie, owner of Studio A. 

I help people heal from chronic pain and other symptoms of stress and trauma, with an integrated approach centered around gaining regulation in the nervous system. I hold training in and understand the complex elements at play in chronic tension and pain, including the muscles and fascia, stuck fight/flight and freeze patterns, emotions, stress, trauma, fear and shame, to name a few. 


Life can take its toll on us. The body holds and remembers it all, and so as a trauma-trained bodyworker, coach, and educator, I work holistically with all that emerges, with deep regard and respect for the client and for each piece of their story. I love meeting people where they are at and helping them gain ground in feeling at home in their body. Read more about what that means and what’s involved in the work here.

Connect in with what's happening at Studio A and in the growing landscape of somatic practices in the area.
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