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find deep calm through attuned touch

specialized bodywork, education, and resources 
to heal from stress and trauma

Hi, I'm Allie, owner of Studio A. 

I'm on a mission, and it is to bring bodywork to Indy's west side that is

 holistic,  trauma-informed,  &  accessible to all.  

I want everyone in Brownsburg and surrounding areas to know that holistic bodywork can be a critical part of healing for those who have been through hard stuff-trauma, accidents, prolonged periods of stress, grief, anxiety, etc.-and for those who carry the burden of chronic, ongoing pain or tension. Therapy that extends beyond just the physical tension that's present and encompasses the deeper systems responsible for long-held tension can be life-changing.


I believe this kind of holistic work shouldn't just be for those with a lot of surplus income, and it shouldn't be reserved only for special occasions. We offer a sliding scale for those who need it and have evening and weekend appointments available, to make holistic and trauma-informed therapy accessible to all.

Trauma can leave our nervous system in a state of being guarded, tense, and stuck in a fight, flight, or freeze. At Studio A we retrain the nervous system, so that there is a chance to experience greater freedom and flexibility, increased resilience to stress, and a new level of calm that has not been experienced before and that lasts. Learn how this happens here.

Allie Whitney

2024 Desk Calendar

Purchase your

with monthly prompts for grounding and gaining self-awareness

100% of calendar sales goes to fund our Sliding Scale program,

to provide one-on-one sessions for those seeking to heal from trauma

whose financial resources are too limiting.


Shipping available!

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Offerings & Rates

$95/hr for one-on-one work
$16-19/hr for group work
Discover our open-ended pricing structure and learn about our Sliding Scale program
HSA/FSA cards accepted
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Body-oriented trauma-informed work can help retrain the brain how to perceive safety versus danger, empower the setting of boundaries where needed, and develop a stronger sense of self and identity. It can also help us identify the strategies we've adopted throughout our lifetime in order to not feel the pain of being so disconnected from our self and others.

Connect in with what's happening at Studio A and in the growing landscape of somatic practices in the area.
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What Clients Say

Allie’s practice of body therapy and her sensitivity to trauma have given me a depth of healing and freedom in my body. It has been wonderful to experience! She has definitely helped me do more than relax. She has helped build awareness of what my body has to say and how it needs healing. I am so grateful to have found Allie as she has become an important part of my healing journey of body, mind, and spirit.


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