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By purchasing any items from the below links, we may receive a small commission (but the price for you is no different), and the money is used to further outfit the Studio A Lending Library with more books and resources. Thanks for your support!

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Book List

Classics on stress, trauma, and the connection they hold to the body:

Newer books related to healing trauma that are also really helpful:​​


Books specifically on the topic of pain:



Online Resources

Self-Treatment Tools

doubleup roller, self-treatment foam rolling

Natural Movement & Minimalist/Barefoot Footwear

for Greater Balance and Less Pain in Feet, Ankles, Legs, Knees, and Hips

  • Katy Bowman, a biomechanist with a large following, has authored several books about what she calls "nutritious movement". Find here on Amazon.

  • Shoespiracy - a short informational video about how we ended up with shoes that don't fit our natural foot shape and that don't allow for natural movement as we are designed for.

  • Natural Movement Facebook group - a great place to learn and ask questions related to foot health, minimalist shoes, and healthy movement patterns

  • Barefoot Style Facebook group - another great place to learn about these topics

  • Minimalist Shoe Buy/Sell/Trade - because minimalist shoes that are designed for natural movement in mind can be expensive and hard to find!

  • Kids' Minimalist Shoe Buy/Sell/Trade

  • Correct Toes - toe spacers made by a company here in the U.S. that knows what they are doing! Everyone online says they are worth the extra cost compared to cheaper versions found on Amazon. If your toes need retrained to be splayed out for optimal balance, these will do the trick.

  • Anya's Reviews - a blog where you can find tons of helpful info about minimalist shoes, where to find them, what brands are good for different foot types, and reviews of them all

Book List
Online Resources


Self-Treatment Tools
Natural Movement
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