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For Professionals

As a part of supporting therapeutic professionals in our community, as well as furthering the movement toward involving somatics in therapeutic modalities, Studio A is pleased to host various gatherings and groups for professionals. Check out what we have available, and if you would like to start a discussion about other possibilities, contact us here.

Somatically-Oriented Practitioners' Association (S.O.P.A.)

This is a free group that meets quarterly for professionals trained in and actively employing somatic interventions with their clients, or current students of somatic modalities. Professionals may include mental health therapists, addiction counselors, bodyworkers, life coaches, movement therapists, music therapists, and others.


The goal of this association and the meetups is to foster connection between somatically-oriented practitioners, support each other's implementation of somatic work, and help expand the reach of somatic work here in Indiana.

Networking Event

We alternate between in-person and Zoom meetups, to make it easier for those not in the central region of Indiana to join. January and July meetups are via Zoom; April and October meetups are in-person. If you are somatically-oriented as a professional, or are currently a student in a program for somatic modalities, please join us!

If you are unable to attend the next meeting, but want to be on the text list about future meetups, please enter your info here.

Thank you for opting in!

Virtual Team Meeting

"Help for the Helper" Zoom Learning Group

Part book club and part experiential session, this 8-week class is for therapists and other helping professionals that experience "vicarious trauma" from chronic and repeated exposure to others' trauma. We will be working our way through the book "Help for the Helper" by Babette Rothschild and practicing the implementation of principles brought forth in the book, namely of gaining awareness of what's taking place in our own body in real-time as we work with clients. This helps us develop greater capacity in our roles as helping professionals, and prevents burnout.


If you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the material that your clients bring up, and want to develop more capacity for doing your role without the after-effects in your own mind/body/system, I encourage

you to join us. Bring your colleagues and let's learn together effective ways of being with our clients and their trauma stories without carrying it in our own system.


This group will meet weekly via Zoom on Thursdays lunchtime, for 8 weeks. Starts in February 2024.

When enrollment opens, a link will be made available here. Make sure to sign up for our newsletters below so you receive updated information on this and other offerings.

Bodyworkers Becoming Trauma-Informed

If you work with bodies, then you work with trauma, whether or not you realize it. So it is crucial that massage therapists and other bodyworkers develop skills to spot fight/flight and freeze responses when they happen in our clients, and know how to safely and effectively navigate a session when this occurs. This program will teach you that and more.


This program is coming in 2024. Stay tuned for more info by signing up for our newsletters (below).

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