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Group Programs & Classes

All of our current offerings for groups can be booked here. For more details about a particular program/class, please visit the dedicated page for it, under "Offerings" in the menu.

Group programs and offerings are a great way to get introduced to somatic work, with far less investment required. The cost per hour to do group work is roughly $18-30 per hour, compared to the much higher rate of one-on-one work of $95 per hour. So for those on a tight budget, or for those simply wanting to dabble in trauma-informed, nervous system work, the programs and classes listed here are on excellent choice.


Group work is also great for those one-on-one clients who are looking for even more support as they seek to heal from the effects of stress and trauma. It may be that you wish for even more exposure to somatic work beyond the individual appointments you hold (with me or another somatic practitioner), or for education on a specific topic that is covered in a group.

We believe that when it comes to the basics of the nervous system and fight/flight and freeze patterns, education and the sharing of information should be widely available and as affordable as possible. Hence the reason we channel this part of what we do into group work, where it is less costly and open to the public. Application of the information and the utilization of specific techniques based on a person's individual nervous system and situation is where one-on-one appointments come in. So while we certainly can spend time providing education about the nervous system to a client in one-on-one sessions, we also can do that in a much more cost-efficient way via groups.


Studio A's offerings specifically for therapeutic or helping professionals can be found on our "For Professionals" page.

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