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Do you find you're amped up and hyper-aware, unable to rest and "turn off"?

Or, do you feel yourself sort of collapsing under the weight of life, like you just want to crawl into bed and maybe not come out for a while?

Each of these are different ways our nervous system can respond to stress, and both can be quite taxing when they become the chronic way we move through life. The toll that stress can take on our body is no joke. You've heard the phrase, "Stress will kill you", and there are elements of truth in that. Our body and brain are not designed to be saturated in cortisol and other stress hormones 24/7, and there are real consequences when that happens. We must find ways to regularly unwind and let the body and brain find center again!

 Young Woman Contemplating

Release & Refresh is a drop-in class of up to 9 people that provides a chance to release tension, move out of states of fight/flight or freeze, and land in a more grounded, calm state. Working from the floor on double-thick yoga mats (which are provided for you), class participants are led through nervous system exercises that foster greater awareness of how their body is holding and expressing the stresses of life, while simultaneously being guided into strategic body positions and stretches that allow for release of the physical tension that naturally accompanies the various states of stress. Through the intentional use and timing of many different elements that speak to the nervous system, a space is made for things to move through so that we can find a grounded, open state from which to move forward.

We offer 2 classes per month:


  • Wednesday 90-minute class (usually the 2nd Wednesday of the month) - a mid-week chance to keep the stress at bay and to engage in self-care

  • Friday 2-hour class (usually the last Friday of the month) - a longer class (think mini-retreat) to start off your weekend right

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This class includes elements of yin yoga, restorative yoga, myofascial release self-treatment, guided imagery, mindfulness, non-spiritual meditation, and somatic (body) focusing exercises. We intentionally keep the prompts and stretches simple and easy to follow, and offer numerous options that cater to all, while inviting awareness and deep reflection into different aspects of one's experience.


What makes this class so unique is our central focus on bringing awareness to what is happening in the nervous system, as expressed in the body, and providing chances for it to come out of a threat-response (stress) state, into more ease and calm.

Good things happen when we slow down and pay attention to the deeper systems that are driving our behaviors, thoughts, emotions, postures, and movements. This is true mind-body work, where we bring awareness to the things that normally exist under the radar of our consciousness (which are held in and expressed via the body), undetected yet dictating our lives. To paraphrase the psychiatrist Carl Jung, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." 


Most people are not familiar with what true nervous system work can do... so let us show you! You can expect to leave class feeling lighter, more centered, calm, clear-headed, and joyful.

Release & Refresh Class

Testimonials from class participants

The class was wonderful! The flow, pace and ambience was perfect. I felt very grounded after the class and much more “present” than when I arrived… Thank you for creating this space for us!  -Zuri M.


I appreciate the format and intentionality put into the classes… They give me the structure and support to reach the "settledness" my body needs and enjoys. - Rachel H.


The group was amazing. I thought 2 hours was going to feel like a long time, but it didn’t. I was quite surprised that our time was coming to a close when it did. It was the perfect amount of time.  - Mike T.


I found the class very beneficial! I felt so relaxed and light at the end. I didn’t want it to end.  -Jaicie C.

Join us for a class! And find out for yourself just how powerful body-centered nervous system work is for releasing tension and refreshing one's outlook.

Ready to give it a try?

If you have trouble affording the class, feel free to make use of this coupon code when booking: HELP-ME-OUT  That will give you 25% off the class. This isn't a sale or promotion; it is reserved for those who genuinely want to attend the class but are struggling financially to make ends meet. 💛

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