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Classes & Programs - Registration/Enrollment

Welcome! This scheduler will show you availability for all drop-in classes and group programs happening within the next 3 months. You are allowed to schedule classes up to 2 hours before class begins. If you would like to check if there is availability in a class happening within 2 hours, you may text us at (463) 235-7171 and we can let you know.

Please note that for all classes and group programs, payment is required to reserve your spot. See our cancellation policy to understand how we handle cancellations, no-shows, and refunds.

If you have trouble affording a drop-in class, feel free to make use of this coupon code when booking: HELP-ME-OUT  That will give you 25% off the class. This isn't a sale or promotion; it is reserved for those who genuinely want to attend the class but are struggling financially to make ends meet. 💛

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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