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What to Expect

At every single appointment you have at Studio A, you can expect to be treated with utmost respect and care. Below you will find information regarding what you can expect as far as how we work with clients. We find that the less surprises there are, the quicker we can build a trusting relationship and can jump into the work. If you have questions beyond what is addressed here, please feel free to reach out via the Connect page.

  • Pricing Structure
    We wish to increase access to this important work of trauma-informed, body-oriented healing to all in our community who need it, regardless of income level. Therefore, we utilize an open-ended pricing structure that offers flexibility. Our standard rates (which are shown below) are determined to be a fair price for the value you receive at Studio A. They are actually slightly below market rate for the credentials, training, experience, and dedication we bring, but that is intentional because of our commitment to removing barriers to access. We see great value in involving our community in these endeavors to reach all who need healing from chronic pain and other body-based symptoms of trauma, therefore we extend an invitation to join us in our generosity if you are able. For those who have more than enough financial resources and can afford to pay true market rate for the work, there is an option when booking appointments to "Give Support to Others", which adds $15 to the total. This extra amount goes directly to subsidize the cost of those who have trouble affording appointments, via the lower-paying option detailed below and via the Sliding Scale program. This option can be selected in lieu of adding a tip (as we have disabled that feature to give preference to this), if you are accustomed to tipping for bodywork, or it can simply be you choosing to subsidize the work for someone else in the community who needs it. If you are interested in giving more toward this endeavor or at a different time than when you are booking appointments, you can do so by clicking here. For those with currently limited financial resources who need supplemental funds to cover their appointment, there is an option when booking appointments to "Receive Support from Others", which deducts $10 from the total. Our standard rates (as of 12/1/22): New Client Appointment: $150 (lasts 90 minutes) Subsequent sessions: $95 per hour, $118 for 75 minutes, $140 for 90 minutes Add-on massage rates: $23 for 15-minute, $45 for 30-minute add-on In addition to these measures to ensure greater access to everyone in our community, we also have a Sliding Scale program that can further reduce appointment costs. See the section on that for more info.
  • What You Get for the Price (Value of the Work)
    During sessions, you can depend on your therapist's undivided attention for the full length of the appointment, which is anywhere from 1-2 hours long depending on what kind of session you book. Compare this to some other kinds of body-oriented therapy where you might pay much higher rates and yet may not receive one-on-one attention, and the value of this becomes clear. Beyond receiving our full attention, as a client you will also be supported in a number of other ways that can add immense value in your healing journey: We have a Lending Library with a full and growing collection of self-treatment tools and therapy balls, available to borrow at no extra charge, to see what works for you before you spend your own money. Also, we have the best books available on the stress-pain connection, how the body holds trauma, chronic pain interventions, and somatic (body-based) modalities for holistic heath and wellness that you are also welcome to borrow at no extra charge. We regularly do consultations with senior practitioners across the globe on client cases (no names revealed) to better grasp how we can best support our clients with their unique presentations and symptoms. You will no doubt benefit from the vast and ever-growing network of professionals and resources, both locally and globally, that has come as a result of Allie's outgoing personality and time in the field. We are keenly aware of the issues we are trained to address and the ones that we are not, and are happy to provide referrals and recommendations to ensure you receive all that you need. The top-notch care and attunement you receive as a client is something rarely experienced, even in therapeutic spaces. We are proud of the level of connection that we maintain with clients, and enjoy holding a space that fosters vulnerability, trust, openness, and safety. We pursue collaboration and partnership with other local professionals on your care team. The human body and its mechanisms for holding onto stress and trauma are complex and sometimes require a multi-faceted approach. Our clients benefit from the time we put into working with their other care providers, to maximize the effectiveness of the therapies. We continually work with you to develop self-treatment and self-care routines and rituals that reduce pain levels and help build a lifestyle of wellness. We show our clients appropriate and issue-specific methods for treating their tight or painful muscular/fascial areas, as well as give guidance on how to implement other forms of self-care that address the emotional and spiritual components of life. At Studio A we are regularly advancing our skills by attending continuing education and advanced-level specialty trainings, which are costly to attend. We do our best to keep our rates as low as possible while still maintaining the highest level of service, and this requires a delicate balance without much wiggle room because of our commitment to make this work accessible to everyone in our community regardless of financial status. "If you think wellness is expensive, try illness." Have you ever come across that quote? We understand that bodywork can seem expensive; in our society there is generally not a high value placed on taking care of one's body, and that is reflected in what people spend their money on (or don't). You will need to resolve in your heart if it is worth it to you and if you are at a point in your life in which you value your health and want to improve it with what we at Studio A offer. Of course you are welcome to try it out for a while to see if it is helpful to you; there is never any pressure or obligation to do a certain number of sessions or to complete some course of treatment. That being said, it is difficult to gauge if any particular therapy is affecting change after only 1 or 2 sessions; 4-5 visits is the typical amount of time it takes before there may be noticeable shifts. We accept HSA/FSA cards and provide email receipts afterwards. We also take all other major credit/debit cards, cash, or check. Payment is expected at the time of service, or you can pay for your appointments upfront when booking online.
  • Sliding Scale
    At Studio A, we offer a Sliding Scale for those who simply cannot afford appointments at our standard rate, even with the "Receive Support from Others" rate of $10 less per appointment. First appointments are always at full price, and the Sliding Scale program is not offered until after the first session in which we have had a chance to get to know one another and we both agree we are a good fit. Studio A is under no obligation to offer the Sliding Scale program to any client. We can only afford to have a certain number of clients on the Sliding Scale at a time, so if you express a need for it you may be asked to wait until a spot becomes available. Entering the Sliding Scale program involves an agreement that the client signs, committing to: book their own appointments online using the unique coupon code provided maintain the agreed-upon frequency of appointments engage in self-treatment between sessions to maximize effectiveness of the therapy The Sliding Scale rate is good for 6 sessions at an agreed-upon discounted rate and session length (60 or 90 minutes), after which we can reevaluate if we want to continue working together and if you are still in need of the discounted rate. When a client is on the Sliding Scale program, they are not to also make use of the "Receive Support from Others" pricing option when booking appointments, which would get them an additional discount. If at any time we discover that the program is being misused or the agreement is not being adhered to, Studio A reserves the right to revoke the agreement and cancel any remaining sessions. We also reserve the right to end the agreement if, during the course of treatment, it becomes clear to us that we cannot provide the kind of care the client needs, or if something is discovered medically about the client that causes myofascial and/or somatic therapy to be contraindicated. We enjoy making this work accessible to all who need it in our community, and trust that the Sliding Scale program will be a help to those who sincerely need it and who truly want to better their health with what we offer at Studio A. If you are interested in giving financially toward this endeavor to further our efforts, you can do so here.
  • Forms of Payment
    When you book appointments, you are required to enter credit card information to hold the appointment. It is up to you if you want to go ahead and pay for the appointment at the time of booking, or have us process the payment after the appointment, using either the credit card you entered upon booking or a different one that you provide at that time. To make booking appointments more efficient, you can create a login after scheduling your first appointment, which saves your information, so that you do not have to enter your credit card again each time you book a session. HSA/FSA cards are accepted at Studio A, but the HSA/FSA card cannot be the card that is saved in the system for booking appointments; please choose another credit card to save in the system when booking, and present the HSA/FSA card in person at the time of the appointment. (We will always check with you at the end of each appointment which credit card you wish for us to charge for that day's session.) It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the policies and approved services of your particular HSA/FSA account, as each are different. It is also recommended that you have a note on file from your primary care physician recommending therapeutic massage, in the case that your HSA/FSA account is audited--but again, check with your particular account for specifics on what types of services are approved. Receipts can be provided electronically for each of your appointments, if you need, and sometimes, depending on the form of payment, are automatically sent by email after payment. If you need a receipt, please ask and we will make sure you receive one. They will likely come from Stripe, our credit card processor, instead of from our email address. Other forms of payment accepted are cash, check, Venmo, and Paypal. A current credit card is still required in order to book and hold appointments even if intending to pay for the appointment using one of these other methods. We do not accept insurance, nor can we provide itemized bills or receipts with the proper CPT codes for you to submit to your insurance, unfortunately. Medical coding for insurance is dependent on the type of license the provider holds, and unfortunately there is one (and only one!) code that applies to the services that a Licensed Massage Therapist provides, which severely limits our ability to work with insurance. Most insurance companies do not cover services with that CPT code anyway, as "soft tissue manipulation" (the code description) is rarely seen as "medically necessary". To make matters even more difficult, even when insurance does cover the particular CPT code associated with massage, they almost always have strict limits in place regarding how many sessions will be covered in a certain time frame. These arbitrary limitations do not serve the client/patient well, and have no use in a practice such as Studio A, where we are deeply interested in working at the pace of the client's nervous system. We understand that paying for appointments can be difficult when not covered by insurance. Please see the other topics covered on this page about our rates and the ways we have worked to make our services accessible to all who need it.
  • Studio Hours
    We operate by appointment only and do not take walk-ins. Additionally, appointments can only be made by those who are established as clients and have been given the password to book appointments via the Client Portal. Our studio is open for appointments during these times: Monday 9:30 am - 3:00 pm, Tuesday 5:45 pm - 9:30 pm, Thursday 5:45 pm - 9:30 pm, and Saturday (approx. 2 per month) 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Emails and texts from clients will be responded to within 2 days unless urgent. Communication from non-clients generally involves a longer response time. Group classes and programs are open to anyone and are not limited to already-established clients, and may take place at times other than the listed hours above. Check the website for current group offerings, and stay informed about new offerings via our email newsletter (sign up here).
  • Booking appointments
    Clients schedule their own appointments via the online scheduler in the Client Portal, which we provide the password to when we take on a client. We do not allow time after a client's session in the studio for booking future appointments, but instead kindly ask that you do all your own scheduling via the website. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we also ask that you do that yourself, by following the instructions in the confirmation email for the appointment. Group classes and programs are open to anyone and are not limited to already-established clients, and may take place at times other than the studio's regular hours. Check the website for current group offerings, and stay informed about new offerings via our email newsletter (sign up here).
  • Intake Process
    Your first appointment involves an intake process where a lot of guided questions will be asked so that we can get to know you and your history. You will be asked to share "headline versions" of the things you have experienced to help us understand what is perhaps contributing to your present-day pain and other symptoms. We do NOT ask for, nor do we encourage you to share full details and stories of traumatic events you have been through. Most of that content is actually not necessary in order to work together and in order to bring resolution to the symptoms of the trauma, and can actually be overwhelming for your system and can re-traumatize. However, even without telling full stories, some people find the first appointment and intake process difficult, as it can bring up a lot of stuff. Please understand that you CAN and should communicate if you need to stop, take a break, etc. AND that you don't have to share what you're not comfortable with. Please also be aware that not all sessions are like the first one. We only have to do an intake once! From session #2 onwards, we can typically jump right into the work.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Cancellations made up to 24 hours prior to your appointment can be done from within the confirmation email you will receive upon booking. Any cancellations made after that or no-shows will result in a charge of 50-100% of the original rate. Repeated late cancellations or no-shows may result in being blocked from booking further appointments, simply so we can make room for those who are ready to commit to engage in the work. See our full cancellation policy here.
  • What to Wear
    It is crucial that you are completely comfortable for your appointments as far as how clothed/unclothed you are. We would never ask you to undress to a certain level simply because it makes our work easier, if it's at the expense of you being able to really settle into the session and get comfortable. Typically clients at massage establishments are made to feel that they must remove their clothing for the therapist to do their job, but we are flexible and can work through clothes or directly on skin, and the work is equally effective either way. The main things to stay away from are especially bulky/thick clothes, hard buttons and zippers, and clothes with no stretch or give to them (like denim, super thick sweatpants, or things with hard seams that make it difficult to stretch in). You will be given time to change if needed when you arrive. After we check your standing posture, you can lie on the table and/or floor mats depending on what kind of session you have booked. When on the table, you will be offered a blanket to cover up with if you wish. Here are some examples of things people wear that work well for appointments: athletic or loose shorts (can also wear tighter biking/spandex shorts underneath if desired), running tights, leggings, pajama pants, or just your underwear or swimsuit bottoms if that's comfortable for you a swim top, tank top, t-shirt, or sports bra if you want For Integrated Floorwork Sessions, getting down to just bra and underwear are not appropriate because of all the movement involved and lack of blanket covering you, so you'll want to wear clothes that are stretchy or loose-fitting.​
  • Consent
    You will never be forced to do anything you do not wish to during a session. There are ALWAYS workarounds to get at what we need while making sure you feel safe and comfortable. We believe in getting your consent not only by having you sign a waiver at the beginning of each session, but also verbally at each step of the work together. This ensures we are continually on the same page, that you are never surprised, and that we have given you a chance at each point in the process to voice your concerns, limits, or boundaries. See next point about communication...
  • Communication
    The important piece about consent only works if clients do their part to communicate honestly with us about what they need and want. We know that speaking up for oneself can be difficult, especially for those with trauma in their history, but if there is something you feel strongly about that you do not tell us, then we have no way of knowing and cannot be expected to accommodate it. Every person is so unique, including what they've been through, and while we do our best to stay attuned to our clients, we also need you to be open and honest with what you need as things come up. We can accommodate all sorts of special situations, and actually enjoy finding creative solutions to the unique challenges that clients bring, so don't be shy, speak up!
  • Scope of Practice
    It is important that you understand that at Studio A we are not psychologists, psychotherapists, or other mental health clinicians. We work on the physical body as well as in the grey area that exists between bodywork and mental health, because there simply is no way to address the body without the mind and vice versa; we are not fragmented into clear-cut categories that don't overlap as state licensure would suggest. What those with licensure in mental health have is the ability to assess, diagnose, and treat a person's mental health, which we have no interest in doing. In our work, we are focused on the chronic pain, tension, and other body symptoms that result from unresolved trauma. Often this will also involve work around a person's emotions, as suppressed emotions can and often do result in physical tension that affects the muscles and fascia. And there is no one profession or licensure that has domain over the ability to work with emotions; it's a grey zone that isn't regulated by state laws. If there are times in our work together that we inquire about your beliefs/thoughts/mindsets around a certain topic we are addressing (which is more in the direction of mental health), it is for the purpose of gathering more information about what stands in the way of overcoming the trauma, and ultimately getting you to feel less tension and more ease in your body; it is never in an attempt to assess, diagnose, or treat your mental health, and you are never under any obligation to tell us things you don't wish to. For us at Studio A, it all comes back to and is centered around the body and what you are experiencing on that level. If you ever have any questions about what we do and what we don't do, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.
  • Referrals
    You will receive our honest feedback about if we are a good fit to work together and if we feel that we can be of help to you in some way or not. Not every client and therapist will make a perfect match. We have a growing list of other somatically-trained bodyworkers and mental health therapists that we may refer you to, either in conjunction with sessions at Studio A or in place of them, depending on the situation.
  • Self-Treatment
    At Studio A we advocate hard for self-care, and a big part of that is self-treatment. So, we spend time educating our clients on how to tune into what their body needs, and how to be their own therapist at home and on the go. We have a Lending Library of tools and resources in the studio that clients can borrow from, to see if a particular thing works for them and their body before spending their own money on it. (We do not sell items, but provide links to the Amazon listings on my Resources page.) It is important to us that our clients are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and capacity to take care of the body that they will inhabit for the rest of their lives.
  • Studio Hours
    We operate by appointment only and do not take walk-ins. Additionally, appointments can only be made by those who are established as clients and have been given the password to book appointments via the Client Portal. Our studio is open for appointments and classes during these times: Monday 9:30 am - 3:00 pm, Tuesday 5:45 pm - 9:30 pm, Thursday 5:45 pm - 9:30 pm, and Saturday (approx. 2 per month) 10:00 am - 7:00 pm. Emails and texts from clients will be responded to within 2 days unless urgent. Communication from non-clients generally involves a longer response time. Group classes and programs are open to anyone and are not limited to already-established clients, and may take place at times other than the listed hours above. Check the website for current group offerings, and stay informed about new offerings via our email newsletter (sign up here).
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