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**Click here for directions, parking information, and how to find our suite within the building.**

To thank our guests and visitors, each person who attends the Open House will receive a $5 coupon towards any class or group program at Studio A. So share this page with friends, family, and colleagues using the social buttons on the right, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming open house of Studio A Body Therapy and Rediscover Counseling! We have recently built out a new suite and have chosen to occupy space together because of our shared values around holistic care for those seeking help. We are excited about this collaboration, and are eager to see how exactly our partnership will unfold with time and with the synergy that is naturally created by bringing together two complementary lines of work with shared convictions.

Bridging the Gap

When we go through tough times and difficult seasons of life, or when we are seeking to heal from the effects of chronic stress or past trauma, it is the whole brain-body complex that is affected. And depending on the person, they may find that addressing it from only a mental health perspective is not enough to resolve their issue. Likewise, there are those who, when going through stressful times, may book a massage to help relieve the tension they feel from it, but find that it doesn't fully resolve the issue. This is the beauty of bridging the gap between the mental health field and bodywork, where proper attention is given to both the affected structures of the body and also to the mental narrative we're holding about our situation, along with the emotions we're experiencing. In short, mental health isn't just in your head... it's also in your body. And stress isn't just in tense muscles... it's also in our psyche. The "gap" that exists is simply in professions/licensure and in fields of study, not in a person's actual system.

A (not so) new way

While bringing together mental health and bodywork in this way is not an entirely new concept, it IS relatively new in the Midwest, particularly in Indiana and in Hendricks County. We are excited to be a part of the shift that we see happening, slowly, towards more holistic, body-informed mental health care, and towards trauma-informed, nervous system-friendly bodywork. Join us as we celebrate this milestone! Whether you are a therapist or practitioner of some kind interested in connecting with us and learning more, or you are someone interested in potentially receiving the kind of holistic therapy we are all about, we are eager to meet you and get to know you. So please don't be a stranger, come on Sunday September 24 between 2-5 pm and let's chat!

You can find out more about Randy Clark and his practice at Rediscover Counseling.

We'll see you soon!

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Open House - Sep 24, 2023

Connect in with what's happening at Studio A and in the growing landscape of somatic practices in the area.
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